Science Fair Mar. 2018

Science Fair Mar. 2018 | Science Fair Registration

Science Fair 2018 is Over

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March 20th, 2018

Save the date, Tuesday evening, March 20th for a fun-filled evening of science and technology poster presentations and demonstrations. The Science Fair is a great way for students to develop and apply an interest in science and the scientific method. Students will exercise their curiosity, approach real world problems in a systematic and scientific way, and apply creativity towards questions that interest them. The Science Fair is also a low pressure opportunity for students to present work to a reviewer in a brief non-competitive, informal interview. All JLS students are welcome to participate.

Science Fair Registration

Every student participant must register for the JLS Science Fair using the (click here) Student Registration Form. Students who register by Thursday, March 15th, will be assigned a spot at the fair with other students who share the same science teacher.

JLS Science Fair Schedule 2017-2018

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

7:00–8:15 pm: Poster Session & Science/Technology Demonstrations

8:15–8:30 pm: Prize Drawing (must be present to win)

Please make sure that posters go home with you at the end of the evening, unless otherwise directed by your science teacher.

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Why Participate in the JLS Science Fair? (Google doc)
Why Participate in the JLS Science Fair? (PDF 1 page)


2018 Science Fair Student Handbook (Google doc)
2018 Science Fair Student Handbook (PDF 22 pages)


The Science Fair cannot happen without parent volunteers. While we need a little help with check-in and set-up, the biggest need is for Interviewers, people who are willing to listen to students describe their work and ask a couple low-pressure, informal questions. You don’t have to be a trained scientist or engineer to make a good interviewer. You just need to show an interest in our students and their work. Not sure what to do as an Interviewer? Check out Mrs. Motherfield and Jane Doe on How to be an Effective Project Reviewer. Click below for a YouTube video, 4 min 32 sec.


Read a transcript here:
How to be an Effective Project Reviewer, 3 pages.

Click on the logo to sign up as a volunteer:

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Thank you for considering volunteering.

How to Drop

If you have registered for the Science Fair and find you won’t be able to come, please send an email with your name, grade, and science teacher to Maria Derrick (

Science Fair Mar. 2018 | Science Fair Registration