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Back-to-school Packet Coordinators (2)

Estimated time commitment: 10 hours in August prior to start of school

    • Assemble list of contents and number of packets in coordination with Principal and PTA President
    • Collect original documents from responsible people
  • Obtain approval of all packet contents from Principal and PTA President, as appropriate
  • Arrange for copying of packet contents
  • Arrange for postage for packets
  • Coordinate Packet Stuffing Day with PTA President and JLS staff
  • Recruit volunteers to help with the packet stuffing

JLS Jump Start Day Coordinator

Estimated time commitment: 10 – 15 hours in August

  • Participate in planning of event with JLS Administration, JLS Staff, and PTA President
  • Recruit volunteers to help
  • Arrange for gymnasium set up for event
  • Obtain or oversee volunteers who obtain signage and accessories for event
  • Coordinate money collection with JLS PTA Treasurer and JLS Budget Secretary
  • Coordinate form collection and disposition with JLS Administration and PTA President

First-day Coffee Coordinator

Estimated time commitment: 4 hours

  • Recruit volunteers to provide food/beverages for 1st day-of-school social at drop-off
  • Coordinate with JLS staff for set-up of items needed for event
  • Recruit volunteers for clean-up

JLS PTA Online List Administrator

Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per week and ~ 10 hours at beginning of school year to enter new students

  • Update and maintain distribution database

Student Directory

Estimated time commitment: 30 – 60 hours during September and October

  • Discuss with President and Principal appropriate mechanism for obtaining directory data
  • Obtain directory information from families who consent to be included in the directory
  • Verify directory permissions
  • Obtain additional directory content from PTA President, Office Staff, etc.
  • Compile directory
  • Obtain approval of draft Directory from PTA President and Principal
  • Coordinate publication with PAUSD printing office
  • Arrange for distribution of Directory to JLS students and staff, including extra copies when ordered and paid for

eSCRIP Chair

Estimated time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

  • Interface with eScrip
  • Publicize eScrip in back-to-school packet, Panther Tracks, eNews etc.
  • Coordinate sign ups for parents
  • Coordinate efforts to sign up staff members
  • Coordinate with Treasurer to track receipts
  • Trouble shoot and assist with problems
  • Secure Executive Board and PTA approval for any new contracts
  • Update Executive Board

Latte Coordinators (2)

Estimated time commitment: 20 hours (September – June)

  • Coordinate food donations for monthly Latte Guy events
  • Oversee set up and clean up

Staff Appreciation Week Coordinator (1-2)

Estimated time commitment: 6 hours, early May

  • Communicate w/ Staff Appreciation chairs and Latte Chairs about joint events, first week in May
  • Coordinate food donations, treats and luncheon
  • Contact local businesses (e.g. Rick’s Ice Cream, Jamba Juice) to provide goodies
  • Coordinate w/ Latino Family chair (JLS aide, Ana Perez-Hood) to provide themed luncheon
  • Detailed instructions available in PTA files!

Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chairs (3)

Estimated time commitment: 8 hours every other month

  • Set dates for Staff Appreciation Lunches with President and Administration at beginning of year
  • Solicit food donations and volunteer help 2 weeks ahead of each event
  • Oversee set up and clean up on day of event

Health & Welfare Liaison

Estimated time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

  • Represent JLS PTA on the district wide Health committee and/or at Project Safety Net meetings
  • Keep JLS PTA Exec Board informed of activities and PSN updates
  • May coordinate other relevant activities for JLS parents, such as First Aid/CPR training

Vision/Hearing Testing

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours

  • Coordinate and communicate with volunteers for Hearing Screening in October
  • Coordinate and communicate with volunteers for Vision Screening in November
  • • Coordinate and communicate with volunteers for Scoliosis Screening in January (if applicable)

Site Council Liaison

Estimated time commitment: ~3- 5 hours a month (includes attending monthly site council meeting)

  • Attend School Site Council meetings
  • Report to PTA Exec Board and PTA general meetings re SSC issues

PTA Council Representative

Estimated time commitment: ~3-5 hours per month

  • Attend PTA Council meetings
  • Report to PTA Exec Board and PTA general meetings

Lost & Found Coordinator

Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per quarter

  • Assist JLS receptionist Karen Christenson in disposing of Lost and Found items that have not been claimed

Parent Network Coordinator (2 per grade)

Estimated time commitment: 2 – 3 hours per month

  • Create calendar of grade level-specific Parent Network meetings
  • Obtain locations for meetings
  • Recruit volunteers to provide food and beverages
  • Notify parents of network meetings using appropriate vehicles

After School Sports Program Liaison

Estimated time commitment: 1 -2 hours per month

  • Interface with JLS Athletic Director
  • Communicate issue regarding athletics to PTA

Dance Chaperone Coordinator (2)

Estimated time commitment: 5- -10 hours, mostly in month ahead of production

  • Organize volunteers from list for school dances

Science Fair Chair (and Assistant)

Estimated time commitment: 10- -20 hours, mostly in month ahead of event

  • Coordinate with teachers, administration to arrange for facilities and set up required for event
  • Recruit judges and other volunteers for event
  • Arrange for food for judges and prizes for winning entries
  • Oversee set up, operation, and clean up of event

Many Faces of JLS Chair(s) (3)

Estimated time commitment: 5- -10 hours per month in fall, mostly in month ahead of event

  • Recruit Table Chairs to set up and provide food from different cultures
  • Recruit Decorations Chair to help decorate in International theme
  • Recruit volunteers for set up of room and clean up after
  • Supervise event

Book Fair Coordinator(s) (2)

Estimated time commitment: 16 – 20 hours in month of events

  • Set dates for Fall and Spring Book Fairs with President, administration, and vendors
  • Interface with vendors to plan event
  • Recruit volunteers for event
  • Oversee set up, daily operation, and take down of event

8th Grade Exit Interview Volunteer Coordinator

Estimated time commitment: 1 – 2 hours in May

  • Communicate with volunteers and recruit volunteers
  • Oversee volunteer activities on day of event

8th Grade Promotion Party Coordinator(s) (3)

Estimated time commitment: 40 hours, mostly in two months ahead of event

  • Recruit volunteers to help
  • Coordinate with administration and staff for communications home and facility use
  • Create a plan and a budget for the event
  • Communicate with President regarding event planning, details, and budget
  • Help oversee event set up, operation, and clean up
  • Report to President on final income and expenses

8th Grade Promotion Flower Pick Up

Estimated time commitment: 1 – 2 hours in June

  • Communicate w/ Promotion Party chair about flowers needed for event
  • Order flowers, coordinate pickup and delivery

Promotion Staff Dinner Chair

Estimated time commitment: 3-4 hours in June

  • Communicate w/ Promotion Party chair about quantities needed
  • Order food, coordinate volunteers to help w/ pickup and delivery to Conf. Rm. B
  • Coordinate serving and clean up of food at end of promotion party evening

6th Grade Bike-to-school Orientation Coordinator

Estimated time commitment: 5 – 10 hours in September

  • Coordinate with Principal re. bike safety training for students
  • Coordinate with PAUSD and city of Palo Alto re. Safe Routes to School and other bike and traffic issues
  • Coordinate a bike licensing and helmet fitting activity
  • Coordinate with JLS PTA Traffic Safety Committee
  • Communicate/publicize to parents and students re Safe Routes to School and bike safety procedures (eNews, Panther Tracks, Back-to-school packet, etc.)

Transportation Safety Representatives (2)

Estimated time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per month

Every TSR defines the position differently based on the needs of their school, their personal interests, and their available time. Schools are encouraged to assemble a TSR team to allow parents with different interests and time commitments to work together.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Organize one spring and one fall Walk & Roll Day. Events can be as simple as offering a sticker or high-five to students, or as involved as conducting a schoolwide contest.
  • Count the bikes in the bike rack once in September.
  • Join the TSR Google Group (usually one or two emails per week).

Additional Optional Activities:

  • Communicate City and PTA messages about Safe Routes to School activities as needed.
  • Share parent emails or conversations about school commute safety issues with SRTS partners.
  • Review Safe Routes information on your school’s website for relevance and timeliness.
  • Attend monthly City/School Traffic Safety Committee meetings at the District.
  • Support SRTS by attending community meetings, writing letters, and participating in other advocacy efforts.

Volunteer Coordinator – Data Entry

Estimated time commitment:~20-30 hours at the beginning of the school year and then emailing required lists to Chairs/Event Coordinators throughout the school year as requested.

  • Input data from Volunteer Survey in coordination with Volunteer Coordinators
  • Heavy use of time in August and September after forms arrive

Panther Camp Coordinators (2)

Estimated time commitment: 10- hours, mostly in August

  • Recruit 6th grade parents to help with Panther Camp
  • Interface with Panther Camp teachers to assign volunteers where needed
  • Oversee volunteer activities during Panther Camp

Parent Education Chairs (2)

Estimated time commitment: 4 – 5 hours per month

  • Indentify and present Parent Education ideas to PTA Executive Board
  • Interact with President and Administration to pick dates for events
  • Recruit volunteers to help with events
  • Publicize events in JLS Online, Panther Tracks, and website
  • Oversee Parent Education event set up and clean up
  • Interface with PTAC Parent Education Chairs for district-wide Parent Education events

Green Team Chair

Estimated time commitment: 5- -10 hours, mostly in month ahead of production

  • Attend JLS Staff Green Team meetings, once monthly, during school lunch hour
  • Assist Staff and Student Green Teams w/ organizing Green Team events, such as Earth Day
  • Recruit volunteers to help with events
  • Report to PTA Executive Board on events to help promote green policies among staff, parents and volunteers

First-day Packet Coordinator

Estimated time commitment: 10 hours (8-3 on first day of school + meetings prior to first day of school + email coordination)

  • Set up and oversee process to collect forms on first day of school
  • Recruit and train form collection volunteers
  • Transfer checks to PTA Treasurer
  • Transfer forms to appropriate recipient

Volunteer Appreciation Coordinator

Estimated time commitment: 8 hours in May and June

  • Arrange for food donations and volunteer help on day of event
  • Oversee set up and clean up