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This page contains links to forms used by the JLS PTA.

Cash Verification Form

Track cash receipts from your PTA event on this Cash Verification Form.

Please submit the form on paper to the PTA Treasurer by using the PTA Treasurer mailbox in the school office.

Checks should be made out to JLS PTA, and please have two PTA members initial for and count cash, not from the same family.

Request for Payment/Reimbursement Form

Enter your expenditure details on our JLS PTA Request for Payment/Reimbursement Form.

Submit the printout with original receipts to the PTA Treasurer at the PTA Treasurer mailbox in the school office.

Volunteer Forms

Check out what we need help with at the PTA, and sign up for something you would enjoy. Click here to find our Volunteer Forms, along with descriptions of duties, time commitments, and responsibilities.