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This page contains links to PTA forms and some other things.

Cash Verification

Track cash receipts from your PTA event.
JLS cash/check deposit form (click for PDF)

Please submit the form on paper to Maria Derrick, our PTA Treasurer ( Use the PTA Treasurer mailbox in the school office.

Checks should be made out to JLS PTA, and please have two PTA members initial for and count cash, not from the same family.

Reimbursement Form

The 2018-2019 PTA reimbursement form is available here. There are two options for a reimbursement request: Spreadsheet or PDF. Click for the JLS Reimbursement Request 2018-19 Excel file that auto-downloads, or click for the JLS Reimbursement Request 2018-19 PDF file you fill in by hand.

Submit the printout with original receipts to Maria Derrick, our PTA Treasurer, at the PTA Treasurer mailbox in the school office.

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Form (click to open a Google Form). Check out what we need help with at the PTA, and sign up for something you would enjoy.


PTA school funding slideshow. Our Palo Alto PTA Council made up this slide show in 2013 to show what the PTA funds, and where California schools get their money from this year.

Treasurer’s Mailbox


There it is, below PTA Science Fair, in the main office.

Organize Chair Board | Forms | Volunteer