PTA Contacts 2018-2019

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Executive Board

President–Lili Nova-Roessig
Executive VP–Julia Jacobsen
1st VP (Programs)–Janet Owen
2nd VP (Membership)–Bryna Chang
3rd VP (Communications)–Anjani Sarma
4th VP (Community Service)–Christine Hodson
5th VP (School Support)–Tiffany Aubin
Secretary–Claire Kirner
Treasurer–Maria Derrick
Auditor–Emily Jaquette
Historian–Devony Sofia Taylor
Parliamentarian–Tina Mondragon


PTA Liaisons

PTA Council Representative 1–Christina Schmidt
PTA Council Representative 2–Ming Mou
JLS Staff Liaison–Ann Lorey
Advocacy–Ramji Digumarthi
SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Rep–Suman Rangaswamy
Health & Welfare Liaison–Angie Wu
Site Council- PTA Rep–Julia Jacobsen


Parent Education–Ramji Digumarthi
Back To School Pizza Dinner Chairs–Janet Owen
International Dinner, Chair–JLS Board
International Dinner, Committee–Anjuli Belwal
International Dinner, Committee–Charu Gupta
International Dinner, Committee–Quiana Wright
International Dinner, Committee–Sarah Cornwell
Promotion Party Committee–Mayma Raphael
Promotion Party Committee–Kyle Edwards


Data Entry–Christine Hodson
Data Entry–Bryna Chang
Volunteer Sign-ups Coordinator–Susy Kim
Ways & Means: eSCRIP/Amazon–Suzanne Quo


Back to-School Packet (docs, stuffing, sorting)–Lili Nova-Roessig
Back to-School Packet Transport–Charile Dalian
JLS PTA eNews Editor–Christy Moision
PTA Website–Lisa Shea
Student Directory (Online)–Lili Nova-Roessig
Student Directory (Printed)–Maria  Derrick
6th Grade Network–Anjuli Belwal
6th Grade Network–Uma Mahankali
7th Grade Network–Suman Rangaswamy
7th Grade Network–Gerrie Phillips
8th Grade Network–Mei-Hsia Tan
8th Grade Network–Anjani Sarma
8th Grade Transition Panel for Parents–Orit Mazor
8th Grade Transition Panel for Parents–Lili Nova-Roessig

School Support

JLS Jump Start Day–Tiffany Aubin
Bike Stations for Jump Start Day Co-Chair–Christy Moision
Bike Stations for Jump Start Day Co-Chair–Dori Moss
Panther Camp coordinators–Collette O’Shea & Cynthia Qian
Panther Camp slideshow–Jessica Resmini
Pather Camp head photographer–Jennifer Glos
Science Fair–Maria Derrick
Vision/Hearing testing–Mizuho Goto

Student Events

Student Store–Esmaralda Roell
Panther Pride Monthly Helper–Mel Froli & Tiffany Aubin
Panther Pride Pool Party (invitations & RSVP’s)–Gerrie Phillips
Panther Pride Pool Party (coordinate life guards, etc.)–Iris Fung
Yearbook Distribution–Patricia Leitch
Yearbook Distribution–Blossom Hunter
Dance Chaperone Coordinator–Grit Denker
8th Grade Exit Interview Volunteers Co-Chair–Evelyn Zhan
8th Grade Exit Interview Volunteers Co-Chair–OPEN


Hospitality –Yan Sun & Susy Kim
First Day Coffee–Christine Hodson
Latte Cart Coordinator (Fall)–Laura Tannenwald
Latte Cart Coordinator (Winter)–Christine Hodson
Latte Cart Coordinator (Spring)–Jin Lee
August Staff Appreciation Lunch–Kiran Joshi & Medha Nanal
Staff Appreciation lunch – Holiday–Kate Healy
Staff Appreciation Lunch – Lunar New Year–Chunlei Liang
Staff Appreciation lunch – Cinco de MayoOPEN
Staff Appreciation Week – Apr/May–Mayma Raphael

Community Outreach

Green Team–Sarah Cornwell
After School Sports Liaison–Gerrie Phillips
Community Service Day Coordinator–Christine Hodson
Transportation Safety Representative–Christy Moision
Transportation Safety Representative–Liz Gardner
Safe Routes to Gunn/Paly–Anjani Sarma
Community  Outreach Representative–Liz Gardener
Special Ed Representative–Yael Uziyel Naveh
Special Ed Representative–Christina Schmidt

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