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JLS PTA Membership

Join the PTA and be a part of this thriving community! Membership dues are $6 per year, and by joining the JLS PTA you also become part of the California and National PTA membership!

Grandparents and other relatives, as well as family friends, are welcome to become part of this vital group that supports JLS.

If you wish to join, do ONE of the following:

    • Fill out the  PTA Membership form  and drop it off at the JLS main office  with your check payable to JLS PTA
    • Fill out the  PTA Membership form  and mail it with your check payable to JLS PTA to

JLS Middle School
480 E. Meadow Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Know someone new at JLS?

Encourage them to sign up for JLS online and receive our weekly newsletters with school and PTA events .  Sign them up HERE and help get them informed about all the back to school events.

Come join the JLS PTA!

It is a great way to stay involved and meet other wonderful JLS parents. We have vacant positions which can be seen if you click here for the JLS PTA Roster.

Here is a list of job descriptions for many of our volunteer positions, with time commitment estimates.

Here is a list of executive board duties, time commitments and responsibilities.

Fill out this form if you are interested and we’ll contact you with more information.  Interested? Curious? Please contact the PTA President (

AboutFinances | Meetings | Membership | Contacts