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JLS PTA Membership

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Why should I join the JLS PTA?

We fulfill our mission by working closely with parents and JLS administration to support and advocate for programs, policies, and materials that directly benefit students and their families. Being a JLS PTA member gives YOU a vote on PTA events, budget, and school support. Membership does not obligate you to participate in anything; it gives you a “seat at the table” as we set priorities for our resources.

Your PTA membership also increases the number of California PTA members, creating a powerful voice for change that benefits our students and their education. Here are more details about the excellent children and families advocacy legislation enabled by the California State PTA on behalf of its members.

How do I join the JLS PTA?

Membership dues are $9 per adult per year. We use the California State PTA’s online membership system, TOTEM, which makes joining and renewing your JLS PTA membership easy for parents, families, and community members. Click here for the quick process of joining the JLS PTA.

We encourage parents, staff, extended family and friends to join our PTA and become a part of this vital group that supports JLS.

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