Current Secondary School Reopening Information

PAUSD families received an email on Wed, Nov 11 titled “Learning Model Selection for Parents – Middle and High School. This email has a link for you to commit to either Distance Learning or Hybrid Learning options no later than Wed, November 18 at 5pm. If you did not receive an email, please submit a Let’s Talk request with the district.
The JLS PTA’s “Return to School” FAQ reflects our best understanding, based on JLS Parent Network/Principal’s Coffees, School Board meetings, PAUSD’s Return to Campus, and the Superintendent’s weekly updates.
November Dates
  • Mon, Nov 16, 8:30am PTA Live FAQ call (zoom link via UpToUs)
  • Tues, Nov 17, 5:30pm Special Support Services Parent Network Meeting (zoom link via UpToUs and enews)
  • Wed, Nov 18, 8:30am, Principal Parent Coffee Chat  
  • Wed, Nov 18 at 5pm — Deadline for committing to Distance Learning or Hybrid Model for Second Semester

Here is more information on the Reopening Plan and on the Distance Learning and Hybrid Learning models:

Logging into Schoology

  • Trying to figure out Schoology? If you’re new to these tools, or just need a refresher, check out these helpful tutorials, created by a parent at Duvenek and Greene:
  • STEP 1:  Logging into PAUSD portal for the first time:WEBSITE:  id.pausd.org

    VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y_EBnJMjWw

  • Step 2:  How to view your child’s assignment and classroom information on Schoology:

    VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEONQresqNM

    Link to Schoology iNSTRUCTIONS:  https://www.pausd.org/school-life/educational-technology/schoologyStep 3:  Still having trouble?  Email the Tech Support Hotline:
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  • eNews
    JLS enews is a weekly JLS PTA publication that contains important information, announcements, and event notifications from JLS school, JLS PTA, PAUSD and the Palo Alto PTA Council. If you are new to JLS or are not subscribed to the JLS enews, please follow the below links for grade level sign ups. No action is needed on your part if you are already receiving the JLS enews.
  • 6th grade: eNews sign up
    7th grade: eNews sign up
    8th grade: eNews sign up
    For questions please send an email to jlsenews@gmail.com.
  • UpToUs
  • The JLS PTA uses UpToUs for our online school directory, allowing parents to connect with one another and participate in Grade Level Parent Networks announcements and meetings. When you completed the PAUSD Annual Data Update (ADA) or registered as a new student, you were asked if you would share your contact info with the PTA. If you clicked “Yes”, you will be in the UpToUs directory and have access to the directory. If you clicked “no”, you will not be in the directory and must create your own UpToUs account.
    To get started, go to UpToUs and log in with the same email address that you used when you registered with the school district. UpToUs has mobile apps too:
  • Palo Alto Council of PTAs
  • For information on parent education or community service and sports opportunities for kids, don’t forget to check out the  Palo Alto Council of PTAs website.