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The JLS PTA publishes an e-news newsletter for parents every week that will keep you up to date on school events, the school calendar, community events, school sports sign ups and events, and after school programs.  We highly recommend that every family have at least one parent signed up.

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Newsletter Archives 2016-2017

These are PDF files. The process of converting email to PDF changes the presentation a little.

eNews 160725–Help Needed
eNews 160805–Packets Sent
eNews 160809–Jump Start Day
eNews 160814–Good to See You
eNews 160821–Welcome Back
eNews 160828–Join Konstella
eNews 160829–Serve Pizza
eNews 160903–Welcome to Konstella
eNews 160904–Fall 2016 Events
eNews 160911–Thanks to Admins
eNews 160918–Student Store OPEN
eNews 160925–Walk & Roll 10/2-10/6
eNews 161002–Special General Meeting
eNews 161009–Double PiE by Oct 17
eNews 161016–Unity Day Oct 19
eNews 161023–Haunted House Drama
eNews 161030–Rainy Day Commutes
eNews 161106–Easy Fundraising
eNews 161113–Food Drive
eNews 161120–Music Books Night
eNews 161127–PTA Latte Cart
eNews 161204–PAUSD Code Fest
eNews 161211–Easy Fundraising
eNews 161215–Happy Holidays!
eNews 170101–PTA Latte Cart Jan 5
eNews 170108–7th Grade Info Night
eNews 170115–PTA Gen. Meeting 1/19
eNews 170122Wet Weather Commutes
eNews 170129–Writing Assessment 1/30
eNews 170205–NY Thanks & Gunn Choir
eNews 170212–Feb 12 issue, actually
eNews 170219–Parent Network Meeting
eNews 170226–PTA Latte Cart 3/2
eNews 170301–2017 JLS Service Day
eNews 170305–JLS NOIS Week
eNews 170312–HS Transition Panel
eNews 170314Special Edition
eNews 170319–JLS Science Fair!
eNews 170326–Fish in a Tree 3/30
eNews 170402–Screening Screenagers!
eNews 170411–PTA Gen. Meeting 4/13
eNews 170412–Walk & Roll Day 4/19
eNews 170416–Walk & Roll, Lost & Found
eNews 170420–Many Faces!
eNews 170423–Safe Routes to H.S.

Newsletter Archives 2015-2016

These are PDF files. The process of converting email to PDF changes the presentation a little. When “cc” appears, expect a link to an archive on the “constantcontact” website.

eNews 150809–The Countdown
eNews 150811–Jump Start Day
eNews 150823–Welcome Back!
eNews 150830–Back to School
eNews 150831–Help Serve Pizza
eNews 150907–Principal’s Coffee
eNews 150913–Book Fair, Math Night cc
eNews 150920–JLS Directory Online cc
eNews 150927–Ms. Miller in Solar Car
eNews 151004–JLS Choir and Orchestra
eNews 151011–What Does Kindness
eNews 151018–The First Dance
eNews 151025–The Bottom of the Lake
eNews 151101–Team Cupcake
eNews 151108–Safe Drop Off and Pick Up
eNews 151115–Team Cupcake Food Drive
eNews 151122–Happy Thanksgiving
eNews 151130–Principal Coffee Dec 11
eNews 151206–Staff Appreciation Dec 9
eNews 151207–JLS Band Concerts Dec 9
eNews 151213–Welcome Jamey Boccio
eNews 160103–Returning to School
eNews 160110–Mindfulness & Parenting
eNews 160118–Yes We CAN
eNews 160124–French Culture Night
eNews 160131–Course Registration
eNews 160207–PTA Board Nominations
eNews 160215–Media Moms, Digital Dads
eNews 160221–Summer Planning
eNews 160228Traffic Safety
eNews 160306–Like Veronica Roth
eNews 160313–JLS Service Day
eNews 160320–Exec Board Candidates
eNews 160327–Slate of Candidates
eNews 160401–The Mask You Live In
eNews 160410–Welcome Back!
eNews 160417–Acts of Kindness
eNews 160424–Last Principal’s Coffee
eNews 160501–Staff Appreciation Week
eNews 160508–Many Faces Int’l Pot Luck
eNews 160515–Perfect … Picnic!
eNews 160522–Spring Band Concert
eNews 160524–8th Grade Help Needed
eNews 160529–Final Edition
eNews 160605–Community Survey

eNews | DirectoryNewsletter