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Join Konstella

Starting August 28, 2016, you should receive an invitation email, sent to the email on file in Infinite Campus. Click JOIN and create a password at www.konstella.com to log in. Check to make sure your other information is correct; edit if necessary. This information will appear in the printed directory.

If you already registered through your elementary school, no action is necessary. Just continue to use Konstella as before. And if you used the same email address for both parents in Infinite Campus, only one parent’s name was chosen, but you can edit the name online.

Questions: JLSDirectory@gmail.com (Roger Petersen)

You can get Konstella for your mobile device and add a photo.


You can often find email addresses linked to names on this PTA website  (here). In a browser, when the cursor hovers over such a link you may see an email address pop up after a moment. That is a tooltip, and it works unless you turned off that feature.

Depending on your platform, you may press and hold the link for options, like on a phone or tablet, or you may right click for a context menu. The options may be to send email right away or to copy the email address so that it can be pasted into the address field of an email client that you start separately.


Formerly at jls.tangledir.com, directory service ended in early August, 2016.

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