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Use UpToUs (uptous.com) in 2018-2019.


Looking to connect with an old friend, or a new parent you just met?

JLS PTA is using UpToUs for its electronic directory and community messaging. UpToUs is password protected, and you have control over the information you want viewable by others. You may change your information, preferences or privacy settings at any time. Additional features include the 6th, 7th and 8th grade parent networks, volunteer signups and events.

When registering your student this year, you indicated, via Infinite Campus, your preference to be included in emails from the PTA or in the school Directory. Subsequently, PAUSD has only given us your information if you answered “YES.” Initially, these are the only names in our directory.

  • If you are not getting any communications from PTA, cannot sign into the directory or still want to participate, let us know.
  • If you want to check or change information seen in the directory, then sign in to hide, delete or update what’s associated with your account. Those who already indicated “No Directory” have been hidden.
  • Any emails sent via UpToUs always include the option to “Opt Out” at the bottom.

If you wish to sign in to the JLS eDirectory:

  1. Go to uptous.com
  2. Login using the email address provided to PAUSD (the same one you use for Infinite Campus)
  3. Password:
    • For existing UpToUs members – No change in password
    • For new UpToUs members – Click the “Forgot Password” option and Reset Password
  4. If something goes wrong, send an email to support@uptous.com

eDirectory information is replaced each year, so any modifications you make are not shared with PAUSD’s database. To make permanent changes to your information or preferences, please change it by logging in to Infinite Campus and making changes there. The volunteers who produced the directory have made every attempt to ensure the data are accurate, reliable, timely and authorized to be published.

Information in the directory is available to families and staff of JLS Middle School and may only be used for school related activities. It may not be used for commercial, political or marketing purposes or otherwise distributed or shared.

In addition, UpToUs has smartphone apps:


Android phones:

UpToUs will serve as our eDirectory and moderated platform for our grade-level parent networks.

If you have any concerns or comments, send an email to jlsptaemail@gmail.com.

Lili Nova-Roessig (jlsptaemail@gmail.com)
JLS PTA President & Directory Administrator

Christy Moision (cmoision@gmail.com)
JLS PTA VP of Communications


When you see a name with a “mailto:” link, you can grab the email address and use it to send a message. In a browser, when the cursor hovers over such a link you may see an email address pop up after a moment. Depending on your platform, you may press and hold the link for options, like on a phone or tablet, or you may right click for a context menu. The options may be to send email right away or to copy the email address so that it can be pasted into the address field of an email client that you start separately.

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